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How long do I get to use the inflatable rental?

Our standard rental rate covers up to four hours of event time. If you need the bounce house rentals longer, let us know and we'll give you the price of the additional time. We do not charge less for fewer than four hours of use since our largest costs are in the delivery, setup, and takedown of the bounce house rental equipment. We always try to deliver about an hour before the event for smaller events. For larger events, setup time can vary depending on the equipment and time of the event. You are only charged for the time you use the jump houses & party rentals. Setup and takedown do not count towards your four hours. If you need your event setup well before the start time (several hours), there will be an additional charge.

How much room do I need for jump houses?

The amount of room you need depends on the size of the bounce house or water slide. That's why we list the dimensions of the inflatable on each bounce house & water slide rental web page.

For bounce houses, we only need about three feet additional space on all sides.
For other inflatables such as water slides, more space will be needed because of entry and exit methods.
Please be sure and consider height as well.

We will discuss space requirements with you when you call or email.

What types of surfaces do you setup bounce house rentals on?

Grass is almost always the preferred surface.  Almost any surface will work as long as we know what it is at the time of booking. If it's grass, we'll normally use stakes to secure the equipment. If it's a hard surface, then we use sandbags. We need to know the type of surface so we can bring stakes or sandbags as required.

We do not setup on sand or dirt. The fine particles get into and cause excessive wear on the seams of the bounce houses, water slides and all other inflatables. Rocks and gravel are also prohibited surfaces.

How much electrical power do I need for jump houses?

Adequate electrical power is a must. Just like the dimensions, we list the electrical requirements of each piece of bounce house rental on its web page. Please pay close attention to those needs. When the power requirements call for a certain number of separate electrical circuits, we must be able to access that number of separate circuits. We cannot operate two blowers on the same circuit.

Two different electrical outlets on the same circuit only counts as one circuit. If we use two outlets on the same circuit, a circuit breaker will most likely trip and the bounce house or any other inflatable will slowly deflate. The outlets we use must be within about 65' of the inflatable setup location. Our blowers come with 75' of 12 gauge cord. State law prohibits the use of extension cords beyond that 75'.

We will discuss your electrical needs with you when you reserve the inflatable rental.

Do you deliver and setup the bounce house & water slide rentals?

Yes! We deliver and setup up all inflatables. At the end of your event, we'll return and take it down. You never have to manhandle heavy equipment. When we setup your inflatables, we will go over all the details and safety rules with you.

Our free delivery area is within 20 miles from our warehouse location

***If there are stairs anywhere where we are transporting the inflatable there will be an additional $50 applied. These inflatables weigh hundreds of pounds and we will need additional staff to transport the inflatable there and back if stairs are involved.

Can I pick up the bouncey house rental from you?

We allow customers to pick up food machines, carnival games, and party/picnic accessories. For safety reasons and to comply with California state law, we do not allow customer pick up inflatables. Professional setup is the first step towards a safe event. Inflatables can weigh between 200 and 1,000 pounds. Handling inflatables that heavy is a job for those trained to do it. State law requires inflatables to be setup by a properly trained installer.

What kind of supervision is necessary for jump houses & inflatable rentals?

Adult supervision is required whenever kids are using the party rental equipment. Attentive adult supervision is the single most important safety factor. Some of the larger inflatables such as slides and obstacle courses require at least two adult supervisors. We cannot over emphasize the importance of adult supervision. Our delivery staff will make sure you know the safety rules.

If you prefer us to supervise the equipment, we have staff available for a game host fee.

Are the inflatable rentals, inflatable water slides & bounce houses safe?

Inflatable rides carry about the same risk as playground equipment. Quality adult supervision significantly reduces the risk of injury. Our inflatables are inspected annually by an independent inspector authorized by the California Department of Labor & Industries. In addition, we inspect the equipment at setup as well.

Safety rules are posted on the equipment and our delivery team will go over those rules with you.

What if it rains? Does that affect inflatable rentals?

As much as we always hope for warm sunny days, we don't always get our wish. Most of our equipment can operate in the rain. If it becomes too wet to use, the equipment should be closed and kids not permitted to play. Many of our bounce houses and combos have rain covers.

We do not give weather refunds.

General Inflatable Rental Information

What areas do we serve inflatable rentals?

Are Party Bouncers insured?

Absolutely! We carry $2 million of liability insurance, which meets the requirements of almost every municipality including Sacramento county.

What laws and rules apply to inflatable rentals?

The basic rules and regulations applicable to our industry are issued by the Department of Labor & Industries. L&I's Electrical Division oversees the inflatable industry.
Here some of the pertinent laws and regulations:
- All amusement riders must be inspected annually by an authorized independent inspector. (FunRent uses International Leisure Consulting to perform our inspection. International Leisure performs inspections and advises amusement companies all over the world.)
- Amusement rides must display an operating permit issued by the Department of Labor & Industries.
-All operators must carry $1 million of liability insurance.
- An operator's insurance certificate must be made available to its customers
‍Amusement rides must be setup by trained persons.
- Amusement rides displaying the L&I operating permit are exempt from onsite electrical inspections.

Do we follow jump house & inflatable rules?

Yes. We believe following the rules is good for all us. It certainly costs us more, but we believe in doing things the right way. When you find someone offering substantially lesser prices, there is a good chance they are operating outside the rules or taking safety risks. We will not do that.

Can I book party rental bounce houses and inflatables online?

Yes! By clicking on the "Request Estimate" button under any of our equipment pieces you will be taken to a page where you can book the party rental equipment or inflatables online. There are a few exceptions due to safety regulations or artist availability. We do not allow online booking if your event is taking place within 72 hours. You must call the office in that case.

Inflatable Rentals Reservations and Payment

Where are the prices for inflatable rentals?

What is the Bounce House Rental Cost? Our pricing is included on our Inflatable Rentals page. We pride ourselves on reasonable prices for the service and quality of inflatables we provide. You might be able to find a slightly better price, but you will not find better equipment or service. Do not let a slightly better price spoil your event. In any case, be sure the operator is fully licensed and insured and that they will be there on time with quality inflatables.

Unlike most of our competitors, we do not continue to add on charges until a bargain price becomes a nightmare. When you're getting a competing quote, be sure you ask about all add-ons including delivery charges, setup fees, time and distance additions, insurance fees, etc.

How do I pay for the jump house rentals?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. We may also accept checks, when discussed during the booking process. When you make your reservation, we'll ask you how you want to pay and take care of the details. We do require payment at the time of booking.

For schools, communities, companies, and certain other organizations, we will accept a purchase order.

All payments are nonrefundable. If you cancel your event, we will work with you to reschedule and apply all or a portion of your prepayment to that event. If you cancel or reschedule your event more than 2 days before its original date, we'll apply 100% of your prepayments to a rescheduled event. If you cancel or reschedule within 2 day of its original date, we'll apply 50% of your prepayments to a rescheduled event.

Can I return unused food supplies?

Food supplies such as cotton candy sugar, sno cone syrups, popcorn packets and non-food supplies such as paper cones, sno cone cups, syrup pumps and popcorn bags cannot be returned for a refund.

Is a deposit required for inflatable rentals?

We are doing everything we can to avoid raising prices. We're quite proud that we’ve managed to keep pricing relatively flat for the past four years! To do that, we've had to look for ways to operate more efficiently than ever. To help us achieve that, we've recently changed our policy regarding deposits.

Individuals. If your total is under $500 or if you are booking your event within two weeks of the event date, the total amount is due at the time your book your event with us.
If your total is more than $500, we accept a 50% prepayment at the time your book your event. The balance is due before your event.  Payments can be made by check or credit card. We do not accept cash payments.

Schools, PTAs, Churches, Nonprofits, Communities, and Companies. We require a 50% deposit when you reserve your inflatables and the balance on the day of the event. In certain situations, we can accept a purchase order in lieu of a deposit.

All prepayments are nonrefundable. If you cancel your event, we will work with you to reschedule and apply all or a portion of your prepayment to that event. If you cancel or reschedule your event more than 2 days before its original date, we'll apply 100% of your prepayments to a rescheduled event. If you cancel or reschedule within 2 day of its original date, we'll apply 50% of your prepayments to a rescheduled event.

Are reservations really necessary for inflatable rentals?

First and foremost, we will do our best to get you the party rental inflatables you want when you want it even if you book very near your event date. But, advance reservations are a huge help - especially if you need the inflatables delivered at a specific time.

Delivery routes get assembled and delivery staff assigned several days in advance. We do that so we can determine the number of delivery routes and staff we will need and to give our staff an opportunity to plan ahead. However, we are always more than willing to work in last minute bookings. By reserving your inflatables ahead of time, you will get a better selection of inflatables and a more desirable delivery time.

How do I make a party rental jump house reservation?

We have very efficient online tools to help you find out more about inflatables and pricing. However ultimately, all reservations are made by telephone. You can use email or our contact form (Contact Sacramento Party Bouncers), to get tons of information, discuss the pros and cons of various inflatable selections, pricing, availability and more. In the end though, there is simply a lot of detail information we need to ensure a proper setup. And, we all want it done right.

Even though it's a bit old fashioned, ultimately reserving the inflatables by telephone allows us to get it right! The last thing we want to do is make a mistake on your reservation.

What if I need to cancel my bounce house rental order?

We do understand that a cancellation might be necessary. Kids get sick and plans change.

All prepayments are nonrefundable. If you cancel or reschedule your event, we will work with you to reschedule and apply all or a portion of your prepayment to that event. If you cancel or reschedule your event more than 2 days before its original date, we'll apply 100% of your prepayments to a rescheduled event. If you cancel or reschedule within 2 day of its original date, we'll apply 50% of your prepayments to a rescheduled event.

What if I want to change my bounce house party rental order?

We are happy to make changes subject to party rental inflatable availability. If you are adding bounce houses or services, an additional prepayment could be required. If you are cancelling jump houses or services, the prepayment applicable to that inflatable rental or service, is not refunded or applied to the remaining balance due. In the event you are changing your inflatable, your invoice will reflect the fee associated with the inflatable being replaced or the inflatable replacement - whichever is higher.

Do I have to pay sales taxes on my bounce house rentals?

California Residents. Unless you provide us with a current and valid California State Reseller's Certificate issued by the California Department of Revenue, we must charge, collect, and remit state and local sales taxes on rentals. Some items classified as services such as artists and entertainer fees are not taxable. Please note, reseller's certificates can be issued only by the Department of Revenue and must be used in accordance with California State regulations.  501c3 is NOT exempt from sales and use tax.

Native Americans and Military Rentals. We are not required to charge sales tax on rentals by Native Americans or by the military if we deliver the inflatables to the reservation or base. This exemption does not apply to personal rentals by military personnel.

Out of State Deliveries. We no longer deliver outside of California state.

Churches, Cities, and Nonprofit Organizations. In California, no entity is exempt from sales tax because of a federal tax exemption. Cities, counties, schools, nonprofits, churches, companies, and individuals must pay sales tax.  501c3 is NOT exempt from sales and use tax.

Our experienced customer representatives are here to help. Have a question? You can contact us via email or phone.

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